From Our Table To Yours

The idea for Poppets started in my home kitchen, feeding my son Louis. It was clear what I wanted for him- homemade, super healthy food, that I could make quickly and conveniently

Soon the freezer started filling with nutritious and beautiful cubes of wonderful flavour combinations. Whilst friends asked me whether to dread their impending weaning journeys, we breezed through it, Louis with the happiest tum and I the happiest mum

I began to share my ideas and recipes with a team of baby taste testers and their parents and they all agreed, they were a winner!
It’s the same ingredients, recipes and ease we want to share with you and make your babies weaning journey just as simple

Feeding your babies Poppets is something to feel great about, healthy and easy, giving you more time with your little one

Meet Florence

I have over a decade of experience working with children. Initially training as a paediatric nurse and then as a teacher, specialising in the early years and primary. I have always been focused on child health and development.

Now as a mother, making super nutritious baby food was a natural progression.